Portable Power Brick

🦾 Provides power for your quest

📡 First remote controlled power bank

🚀 Stationary power source or

🧳 Portable charger

🪐 High-end battery cells


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Power Bank & Mobile Power Station

- Charge your devices via USB-C

- Power your appliances via DC

- Control your gear remotely

- Can be in stand-by (remote use) for over 3 months before discharging

- Fits easily in a small backpack

Not Just Gimmicks


Ultra durable due to intelligent battery management system. LiFePO4 cells outlast lithium-ion batteries up to 5-6 times in longevity. Usable lifespan time can easily last over 1 decade. Can be stored for 6-12 months before discharging. Fully recharged in 3 hours.


Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells are safer compared to other cell types like for example Lithium Ion who are notorious for overheating. LiFePO4 cells will not combust nor catch fire or explode. Made from non-hazardous materials to prevent health risks. The long lifespan improves the ecological footprint. The power bank is tested and conforms with the highest standards for battery consumer regulations in the US & EU.


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