Who We Are

Every quest requires sufficient energy, every adventure demands endurance.   

Space Gravity LLC is made up of a team of engineers with a background in developing high end sports cars, designers crafting digital worlds, and artists composing adrenaline-fueled soundtracks.

We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology and constructing the bridge between reality and the virtual world.

Battery development is the new frontier. High-end machines like electric cars boost advancements in high-capacity battery cells. Compact batteries make us more mobile and less energy dependent. 

We want to provide the heroic explorer with a power plant which can easily  be stored in a backpack. A compressed energy source for to go, a compact power station not exceeding the size of an average power bank plus a remote-control function.

Decades of video games taught us it needs to be sophisticated, compelling to operate, and relentless when the odds are not in your favor. Our blueprint a game inspired power core for your gear. Our vision a portable power bank and power station all in one with a remote-control.

A remote-controlled high-capacity power brick for to go