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Power Brick

Power Brick

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Glydcharge is the world's first remote controlled power bank & power station all in one. Power your gear & accessories with maximum ease. 65 Watt USB-C PD fast charging allows rapid charging speeds for the latest portable devices like tablets, phones, gaming devices, or laptops. The 12 Volt DC output with max 50 Watt can power equipment like speakers, lights, or other electronics which require a constant power supply. The USB-A output can power or charge devices and/or equipment with max 18 Watt. DC & USB-A output can be used simultaneously and turned on & off remotely. Completely recharged in 3 hours. 


12.8V, 7.8Ah, 99.84Wh

Box Content

Power Bank, Remote Control, USB-C Charging Cable, DC Power Cable, Product Manual

Compact Dimensions

8 x 4.3 x 2 in (20.3 x 10.9 x 5 cm)

Low Weight

2.20 lbs (1kg)

Money Back Guarantee

30-day money back guarantee no questions asked

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How do I use Glydcharge

Plenty of options. You can charge devices via USB-C with 65 Watt like phones, tablets, notebooks, wireless earphones/headsets, and handheld game consoles. You can also power electronics via the DC and/or USB-A output like led lights, speaker systems, camping equipment, etc. The power brick can be in permanent on, stand-by, or off. The DC & USB-A output can be turned on & off via the remote key fob when in stand-by.

What can I charge with it

Almost all portable devices which run on batteries. For fast charging we recommend the max 65 Watt USB-C output.

What can I power with It

All electronic appliances which require 50 Watt via DC and/or 18 Watt via USB-A. The UBS-A & DC output can be used at the same time. The USB-C & USB-A output can also be used at the same time but the USB-C output will be limited to 45 Watt max.

How do I use the remote

When pressing the power button on the power brick once goes the battery into stand-by. When in stand-by can the DC output & USB-A output be turned on and off with the small key fob remote. The operating distance of the remote works best without any barriers between battery and remote , the average operating distance is between 16,4 ft (5m) & 38,8 ft (10m). The battery can be in stand-by for over 3 months before loosing charge and can even be put outside due to its heat & cold resistance. If the power brick is connected to something and no energy/output is required, will the battery automatically go back into stand-by.

What charging protocols does it support

The main supported charging protocols are QC3.0, PD3.0, PPS, HCP, and SCP.

Why LiFePO4 cells

Lithium iron phosphate batteries were born in 1996 at the University of Texas (invented by John B. Goodenough who won the Noble Price in Chemistry). Since then they are known for being the most stable, reliable, and safest lithium batteries. Cycle life of a LiFePo4 battery is around 5 times that of other lithium batteries. Further can LiFePo4 cells reach 5000 cycles, they can also be charged and discharged from 0%-100% without any lose and minimal deterioration. The average life of a LiFePO4 battery is around 10 years. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are more expensive upfront compared to lithium ion batteries but their long lifespan makes up for it and is a plus for your wallet and the environment.

Can I review a sample on my social media channels

We would highly appreciate the opportunity to supply a content creator with a free sample. Please contact us for more information:

Where is Glydcharge's parent company located

Glydcharge parent company is Space Gravity LLC. Space Gravity is located in Houston Texas.

What if I am having problems with my Glydcharge

The easiest and fastest way to reach us is via email:

We will process your request or complication right away. If you are encountering any malfunction with the product will you receive a replacement asap.